Top 20 Best Font For A Website (Expert Picked)

best font for website

As you can see in the above picture, the thickness and curves of the Arvo font make their valuable existence in the font world. This font is used on various platforms.

The Arvo font is available in 4 different weights & pairs best with Oswald and Lato for a polished look.

10. Roboto

 best blogging fonts

As you can read in the name of the font. Roboto has a mechanical skeleton while having open curves both at the same time. It is available in 12 different weights. it is one of the most popular Google fonts featuring in more than 13,000,000 websites.

Roboto perfectly fits for headings and It pairs well with Open Sans and Lato.

11. Allerta Stencil

 best blogging fonts

The space between these words made Allerta Stencil very readable. It is designed for signage and posters. Allerta Stencil is a theme best used for graphics designing and prints but not for blog websites. It also improves your readability power.

12. Playfair Display

 best blogging fonts

If you want to put a fancy font on your website that should be not a professional font but easy to read then Playfair Display is the best Google font for you.

It is mostly used by female bloggers and fashion bloggers in there body and heading section, It is available in 6 different styles and you can combine this font with Raleway and Open Sans Condensed.

13. Vollkorn

 best blogging fonts

Vollkorn is another one of the best font for a website, It is a very simple font available in 8 different styles and pairs best with Lato and Roboto.

One can also read this font in small size as you can see the above image So you can also use this font in its small size.

14. Source Sans Pro

 best blogging fonts

Source Sans Pro may also be the best choice as you can take a look above, Source Sans Pro is the best Google font for the combination.

This font family is developed by Paul D. Hunt and it is the first open-source font by Adobe. It can be styled with many different fonts as you can use it 10 different available styles,

15. Merriweather

 best blogging fonts

It is a fancy font and easy to read, This font is designed for all types of screens but for a long time of reading, It may hurt the reader’s eye.

Merriweather can easily be used for heading and body and can be used by a combination of Oswald font.

16. Oxygen 

 best blogging fonts

Oxygen font can be used for mobile and desktop, It is available in 3 body weights.

One can use this font in the body and in the sidebar. Oxygen font has a professional look due to its longer and thinner letters. Oxygen font can be used with Open Sans and Oswald typefaces.

17. PT Sans

 best blogging fonts

PT Sans was developed for the project of “Public Types of Russian Federation.” It is widely used by Russian history and can be used in the heading and in the body.

Available in 8 different styles and can be paired with Roboto and PT Serif.

18. Lora

 best blogging fonts

Lora is a free google font and widely used for essay writing. It has brushed curves, Which makes it more beautiful.

This font is available in 4 different styles, which is enough for your new website, and best paired with Open Sans and Lato fonts.

19. Maven Pro

 best blogging fonts

This font is very simple so that you can use this font in your content’s body, This font is available in 4 different styles and can be present beautifully with the combination of Playfair Display and Roboto fonts.

20. Lobster 

 best blogging fonts

Lobster is another a popular font, Which is widely used for graphic designing and the content’s body.

Lobster is hard to read font due to its harder weight and this font can be used for headings,  available in 1 style and best paired with Raleway and Josefin Slab typefaces.

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